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Get completely f*cking un-schooled.

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Because 'professional' isn't what you think it is.

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Get unSchooled with the best
'Professional' writing sucks.
Clear. Powerful. Writing that WORKS. That's what wins.

Old-fashioned ideas about ‘professional’ writing make businesses haemorrhage money and everyone less efficient.

But smart people (like you) are deconstructing what it is to be professional.

That makes me super happy because old-school professional writing is holding us back. And looking at the thousands of people who’ve signed up to this school, it seems you agree. So, smash those outdated, limiting ideas about professional writing to smithereens. Let’s make your writing strong, successful and fit for modern audiences instead.

Who can benefit from getting unSchooled?
Anyone who writes at work

If you work in an office, you write, whether you like it or not. Emails, reports, and all the other guff. Learn the basics of work writing and a never-fail formula for kick-ass emails.

Bid writers & folks in sales

Businesses rise and fall on our ability to write persuasively. Learn the tools for business cases, proposals, sales and marketing, along with the foundations for clear business writing.

Report writers

Tired of writing reports no one reads? Learn how to keep people’s attention even when you’re writing about complex stuff. Get the tools to make each report fit for purpose and master the art of the executive summary.

Technical writers

Anyone communicating complex information should understand technical writing. You might not think of yourself as a technical writer, but this is for anyone who writes about expert topics for a range of audiences.


If you want to galvanise teams into action you must communicate in a way that’s clear and persuasive. Become a more powerful writer and inspire your team to excel.

HR teams

Keep your team engaged and inspired. Build connections every time you write by learning plain language principles that work for everyone from CEOs to high school interns.

'Professional' writing is holding you back.

Any of this sound familiar?

People aren't reading your documents.

You're not getting the action and outcomes you want.

You spend hours writing and rewriting and it takes forever.

You die inside every time someone reviews one of your docs. So. Much. Red. Pen.

Writing isn’t your happy place. Maybe your teacher told you weren’t any good. Maybe you’ve had feedback your tone’s too blunt. Either way, writing sucks.

Writing just makes you anxious because you feel like you’re not doing it right. And you know there's GOT to be a better way. You just don't f*cking know what it is.

You're way too smart to keep buying into the BS
Old school 'professional' writing ideas linger like a bad smell. They come from all kinds of stuffy, outdated, and straight-up unacceptable systems.
Systems that were designed to:

privilege the educated elite

disenfranchise the already marginalised

make access to knowledge a privilege instead of a right.

We don’t live in that world anymore. We're not willing to tolerate those systems any longer. So, those ideas about professional writing are simply no longer true. They alienate. They marginalise and cause harm. They’re failing you, your business, and your readers.
That all ends with your all-access pass to the School of unProfessional Writing.

Build trust and credibility through clear, concise writing.

Sound more credible, professional, authoritative, and confident.

Hit send without worrying about tone or people misinterpreting your words.

Impress people with excellent writing and accelerate your career.

Save time by cutting the waffle and bullshit and getting straight to the point.

No more overthinking, doubt, or procrastination. Write absolutely anything in a way that's persuasive and influential, using approaches supported by decades of research.
All access membership.
Hundreds of videos. Dozens of courses. And new content added every month.

No boring here. No quizzes, no assignments. Short, punchy videos you can watch anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, with tools you can use instantly.

Here's what you'll get (just a taster - there's so much more!) 

  • Business writing basics
  • Tools for reader-friendly writing
  • Emails that get shit done
  • Write the perfect executive summary
  • Plain language foundations
  • Understanding reader and writer behaviour
  • The nitty-gritty grammar police
  • Technical writing
  • The complexities of tone
  • Bids, business cases and proposals
  • Report writing
Content from industry experts all around the world.
Here's what's coming up...
Legal writing
Data storytelling
Writing for websites
Writing for leaders
Contract writing
The neuroscience of reading & writing
Writing for HR
Ethical copywriting
Join thousands of all-access pass holders
Here's what they have to say about The School of unProfessional Writing!

"This course helped me understand that so much of the writing I do is really about persuasion. Not coercion or pressuring someone against their well - but offering a solution to a problem. I'm feeling so inspired to write documents that are HELPFUL!"

"I will definitely be watching this a few times. Great research links and information."

"These lessons offer a huge amount of value for a small investment of your time. The examples illustrate the points well. The exercises, downloads, and tools were super useful. Miraka enables you to convert what you learn into practice IMMEDIATELY!"

"Aut dicta commodi nostrum quidem delectus molestiae ad et ex odit."

CEO / Founder

"Great tools and easy structure to follow, with time to put it into practice. Love it!"

"I've never completed a training like that before. I loved the approach and style. It felt very relatable but at the same time kept me focused on her key points. Again, I really like this style of training, more of these please!"

"Who knew emails could be so simple? This course is super easy to follow. It breaks down how to create clear, concise and compelling emails that actually get shit done (and help you build relationships with your audience).  A must for anyone sending business emails."

"Aut dicta commodi nostrum quidem delectus molestiae ad et ex odit."

CEO / Founder
Meet the experts
Miraka (Shelly) Davies - Who the hell am I and why can you trust me?

I’m an author, speaker, and coach. I’ve taught thousands of people and hundreds of organisations plain language and clear communications.

And I call bullshit on old-fashioned professional writing. Outdated writing rules are to blame for time-wasting, confusing, alienating communication, so quit it and come with me on the Let’s Get unProfessional waka.

I’ve taken what I know to be truth, based on my decades of teaching and writing experience, and put it all at your fingertips. So, if you’re looking to improve your writing in a way that’s no stress, and not boring (with just a wee bit of badassery), you’re in the right place.

Colleen Trolove - How did I become a plain language whizz?
I started out teaching English as a second language. Then I worked for 14 years as a plain language specialist at Write Limited, the world's biggest plain language consultancy. 

My power lies in my experience. I can teach 22 different workshops, from critical thinking to writing for lawyers. Over the years I’ve read over 10,000 pieces of writing from workshop participants, written by people from every level of every industry.

Everyone worries about the same things when it comes to writing - things like sounding too casual or not being taken seriously enough. I get it. But I also come with solutions because I’ve solved the same problem for people thousands of times.
School of unProfessional Writing all-access pass FAQs
  • How much time will I have to commit to learning?
    I’m a realist. I know you’re probably already juggling too many balls. That's why every course is made up of short, punchy videos – usually 5 minutes long or less.

    Each one has a principle or a tool you can start using immediately. Some lessons have
    suggested activities you can practice to hone your skills. But there are no assignments or tests, and no specific time commitment, so you can learn at your own pace.

    - Find exactly what you need to help you write that important email, proposal, or report.
    - Watch a video while you wait for your takeout or drink your coffee in the morning.
    - Listen to videos like a podcast when you work out.
    - Binge watch or graze.

    This is truly writing training for the busy unProfessional.
  • Can my business get access to the course for all our staff?
    Absolutely! And we have pricing options for different-sized businesses. So, whether you’ve 3 employees or 3000, we’ve a pricing structure that'll work for you. Email us to find out more.
  • What’s your refund policy?
    We offer a risk free money back guarantee.

    If you’re not happy with the School of unProfessional Writing, email us within 30 days of subscribing and we’ll refund your first month, no questions asked.
  • Why USD?
    People all over the world are un-schooling themselves with The School of unProfessional
    Writing. We're based in New Zealand, but the need for clarity in communication is global.
  • What if I’ve got more questions?
    We love questions! Email us at and we'll have a chat!
Still on the fence?
unProfessional writing is the way of today and the way of the future

This might seem like some new, rebellious approach to writing. But all we're teaching is Plain Language communication (with a big dollop of extra sass and badassery) and Plain Language has been around for more than 80 years.

Plain Language is so widely acknowledged as the best communication for modern readers, there's even an international Plain Language Association.

Plain Language is used by governments and in situations where life is on the line.

We train thousands of people in Plain Language every year across all sectors and industries, including government departments.

So grab your all-access pass to the School of unProfessional Writing. Bite-sized nuggets of deliciousness will change your writing immediately. No time commitment required – just graze when you feel like it (or binge-watch for your unProfessional Writing fix).
Transform your writing. Grab your all-access pass today for USD$49

The monthly writing school membership for busy professionals who need precise guidance instantly and want to learn in their own time.

Hundreds of videos and dozens of courses

New content every month

Risk free money back guarantee

Cancel your subscription any time

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